03 August 2011

Overweight but well-endowed: Meet your average Czech male

Just a brief catch-up before I begin: I'm not in Prague yet. I've been hired to work there, beginning either later this month (not likely) or late September (more realistically). The paperwork's been started. But I remain in the U.S., basically living the life of a retiree, only without the golf (I do have standards). I've introduced myself to Peep Show, reacquainted myself with Red Dwarf and won a fake ACC football title (and the Orange Bowl) on PlayStation3. I also water the plants once a week and peruse the Internet roughly five hours a day.

Among the sites I visit, just to get a sense of what's happening in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic, are The Prague Post and the Prague Daily Monitor. The latter site linked to an interesting article in which the author, after scouring several studies, painted a picture of the average Czech. (The article also got me in the mood to do my own research. My composite of the average Englishman can be seen here. And, to be fair, the average American can be seen here.)

According to the article, the average Czech:
  • Is 40.6 years old and overweight.
  • Takes public transportation to work and drives a Skoda Felicia to Croatia for holiday.
  • Lives in a home that's 49.5 square meters (532.8 square feet).
  • Has an LCD television but no place to store the vacuum cleaner.
  • Used to love gardening more than anything, although that's been replaced by surfing the Internet.
  • When eating, considers portion size to be more important than the quality of the food.
  • Spends roughly $660 on Christmas.
  • Votes center-left.
  • Proportional to their average income, spends spend twice as much money on alcohol, tobacco and drugs than the European Union average.
  • Has manhood longer than the average person from any other EU country except France.
There's more, including what they fantasize about and how often (and for how long) they have sex. I'll leave those details to the link, which you can read by clicking here.

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