04 January 2014

Snap, crackle, pop, pop, pop, pop ...

My dog isn't afraid to go outside anymore. This doesn't sound like something to celebrate, except for the fact that the new year also brings unrelenting fireworks.

They started with a smattering in the days leading up to New Year's Eve. And once midnight hit, well, one friend visiting from Switzerland likened the atmosphere to a "war zone." Anyone standing on Petrin Hill could have observed an uncountable amount of displays throughout Prague. Here at our apartment complex, fireworks were shot from balconies, lit up in parks, set off in parking lots. There were explosions, pops, fizzes.

Courtesy of the Special Assistant to the Blogger.
This love of fireworks means there's no such thing as a "quiet New Year's Eve" in Prague, although the Special Assistant and I sure tried. An evening of playing computer games with the Son of the Special Assistant turned from curiosity to a full-blown obsession. As midnight approached, the TV was turned to a special featuring Karel Gott, who's been voted the country's top singer 36 times. (Admittedly, the show's corny joke where Gott interrupted the first countdown by saying his watch stopped made me chuckle.)

After a quick toast, the Special Assistant and I headed outside to witness the fireworks in person and soak up the atmosphere. There were so many fireworks the air resembled a thick fog. I'd say I spent 55 percent of the time taking everything in and 45 percent of the time looking around to make sure I wasn't hit. Finally, the show slowed down around 12:45.

So when people say the New Year started with a bang, I can safely say mine did.

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